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Re: fixing up /usr/doc

> I don't maintain any Debian packages, but I *use* Debian, and I'm telling
> you -- that directory sucks. Since there's no overwhelming reason to keep it
> that way, why not change it? Copyrights and ChangeLogs have their place, but
> that place is not /usr/doc. /usr/doc should be a place users can go to
> explore package documentation, not painstakingly cd from
> virtually-empty-directory to virtually-empty-directory.

   In short, I agree.  I've found the packages with almost-empty
/usr/doc/packagename directories mildly annoying.  In addition, the sheer
number of subdirectories under /usr/doc makes it a nightmare to type "ls".

   What about a solution of making a standard /usr/doc/Copyrights and
/usr/doc/ChangeLogs for copyrights and changelogs and then make it mandatory
that all Debian packages place their copyrights and changelogs in a
subdirectory under each of those?  We'd waste some space in overhead by having
more sets of subdirs for each package, but at least it'd clean out a lot of
stuff under /usr/doc and make it more useable.

Have a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year!

 Randy   (redwards@golgotha.net or redwards@colebrook.k12.nh.us)
 Colebrook School District Technology Coordinator
 Since I'm paid for results and technical knowledge, it should go without
 saying that opinions expressed are my own and not those of my employer.

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