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Re: dpkg, dselect, apt... what's what?

>>>>> "Juergen" == Juergen A Erhard <jae@ilk.de> writes:

    Juergen> I mean, there's dselect... but I understand it will be
    Juergen> replaced.  When?  How can one help?

dselect will be replaced when there is a decent text-mode (curses or
slang or other) frontend to apt.

    Juergen> Then there's dpkg... and apt/apt-get.  Will the coexist?
    Juergen> Or will apt really replace dpkg?  Or apt replaces dselect
    Juergen> and apt-get dpkg?  Or what?

dpkg will always exist; apt is just a front-end to dpkg to get things
like ordering of packages right.

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