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    A few weeks back I was in a discussion with several people regarding
what a "proper" MUA should and should not do.  During that discussion
several people complained that PMMail98, the email client I normally use,
did not put in a proper In-Reply-To field.  Because of that I switched to
using mutt to read/reply to my Debian list mail.

    Recently a new version of PMMail has entered beta testing.  As one of
the testers I have an early copy.  In this version they have included an
In-Reply-To header to play nice with the kiddies even if PMMail does not yet
support a threaded display.  

    I've switched off my Exim filters for the debian lists so I can once
again use PMMail for reading the lists.  Could a few people please watch my
replied to see if they are threaded properly on their end?  I want to make
sure this is working so I don't disrupt threads in these lists any more than
I normally do.  ;)

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