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Re: Question about pidfiles

Sorry to be so late on this, but...

On Thu 03 Dec 1998, Tom Lees wrote:
> I am currently packaging imwheel. However, there is a problem.
> imwheel wants to create a pidfile when it is run. However, this
> is fundamentally against the way X works - it means only ONE
> instance of imwheel can be run on one machine at a time (as
> opposed to one per X display, which would be the correct thing
> to do).

Can you envisage a setup where you have more than one IntelliMouse
connected to the server? And be able to use it usefully?  I don't
really see why you would want to run more than one imwheel process
on one system...

Unless, of course, the imwheel process doesn't run on the system
where the mouse is physically connected?  I still can't imagine
a setup where you need more than one imwheel process running, though...

Paul Slootman
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