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Re: [HELP NEEDED] xdm/wdm takes vt2 upon starting

On Tue, Dec 22, 1998 at 12:39:44AM +1300, Robert Donn wrote:

> What you want to do is edit /etc/X11/[xw]dm/Xservers, and add 'vt7' at the
> end, as appropriate.

 I should have rephrased the question better.

 I'm the maintainer of wdm. Up until a few versions ago wdm worked fine.
 When the xpackages were splitted, I copied xdm's default configuration into
 wdm. I tested the package, but never actually rebooted the machine. A few
 days ago, I found this problem on my home computer (which incidentally is
 the same problem s/o reported on irc, using xdm)

 Before posting, I knew that adding 'vt7' to Xservers solves the problem. My
 question should have been 'why do I need to do this *now*?'


 PS: I'm amazed noone has yet reported this as a critical bug.

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