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Re: Bug#30739: When a tiny part of a package uses non-free libraries

On Fri, Dec 18, 1998 at 03:37:40PM -0800, Kevin Dalley wrote:
> I'll back down on insisting that the xforms library be "Requires",
> however, cardinfo does not belong in main.  Section 2.1.2, quoted
> elsewhere in the discussion is almost clear on that subject.  It's

NO! cardinfo is NOT a package. If it was you're right. But it is just one
binary in a package.

> only slightly painful to split the packages and keeps our purity in
> free software.

As they say: Show me the code! Don't say it is slightly painful but prepare
a patch.

> 2.1.2. The main section
> -----------------------
>      Every package in "main" must comply with the DFSG (Debian Free
Just to make sure this is read correctly. A package is not the same as a
binary. Which makes your argument pretty mood, doesn't it?
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