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Re: Bug#30739: When a tiny part of a package uses non-free libraries

On Thu, Dec 17, 1998 at 10:24:07AM -0800, Kevin Dalley wrote:
> This is not the Debian Way.  If cardinfo is installed, all libraries
> should be included and cardinfo should be easy to run.  A wrapper
> causes the following reaction:
> ...

Sorry, if this sounds a bit harsh, but if you think you know which is the
Debian Way that's fine for you, but frankly I don't care for several

1) There simply is no such thing as a Debian Way. This is an ongoing process
of discussions. Or why do you think we have policy changes on an almost
monthly basis?

2) You don't care to give us a pointer to any sort of a proof for your
opinion. Not to policy, not to other discussion. Simply nothing. Thus your
opinion is simply that: your opinion.

3) Your opinion is different to what our policy states. If you don't like
this fine. Try to change policy, but don't tell us what the Debian Way is.

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