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I'm still running slink.  After the results of the bug-squashing party
were in, I did an apt-get upgrade.  The new util-linux (2.7.1-3.2)
wouldn't install, and, after checking, I found that this was because it
pre-depended on slang0.99.38 which doesn't exist in slink.  So, I filed
a bug, and built an NMU.  However, when I tried to upload the NMU, I
discovered that the new dupload which I had just installed (1.16.1) was
also broken!!  :-(

So, anyway, I have this NMU for util-linux sitting here, and if someone
can give me a working dupload, I'll gladly upload it.  Otherwise, I'll
do it by hand sometime tomorrow or so.  I'd file a bug against dupload
tonight, but it's bedtime.

Here's what dupload said to me:

# dupload -t master .
syntax error at /usr/bin/dupload line 331, near "unless ftp::put"
syntax error at /usr/bin/dupload line 340, near "} elsif"
syntax error at /usr/bin/dupload line 343, near ") if"
syntax error at /usr/bin/dupload line 345, near ");"
syntax error at /usr/bin/dupload line 438, near "}"
Execution of /usr/bin/dupload aborted due to compilation errors.
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