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Re: is this legal?

On Sat, Dec 19, 1998 at 06:43:43PM -0600, D'jinnie wrote:
> I suspect this should go to debian-legal, but I don't think I can handle
> Yet Another Folder :) So, I'll ask here (and this may have been done
> already). Say for example I want to write an X app called (in an
> appropriately clever fashion) xwords. This would basically duplicate
> Scrabble (r) board and rules...if I don't call it Scrabble (r), can I do
> it, or will big bag Milton Bradley lawyers come after me with hacksaws?

You can't copyright ideas, so if your set of pieces look different, the
board design is a bit different etc, they can't come after you.

Copying the rules and scoring scheme shouldn't cause any problems. But this
is not a legal advice, I may be wrong etc.


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