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Re: a few q's

On 19 Dec 1998, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:

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 : > 002 is reasonable with the default setup.
 : But where is this good for? If a system is configured to use uid==gid, 
 : than we don't need a file to be group-writable, because the user can
 : write on it because he is the owner.

Think shared development.  Users foo, bar, and baz are all working on a
project located in /usr/local/project .  All three users have been added
to group "project".  /usr/local/project is owned by group project, and
is drwxrwsr-x.  Each user has a umask of 002.

Therefore, no matter who creates a new file in /usr/local/project, the
other two users will be able to edit the file.

I've got machines configured both ways - it really depends on the main

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