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Re: Bug#30739: When a tiny part of a package uses non-free libraries

On Fri, Dec 18, 1998 at 02:33:14AM +0100, Remco Blaakmeer wrote:
> > The requirement is for the package as a whole to have a "significant
> > amount of functionality," not for every binary in the package to work.
> > The same applies to the less binding dependency of "Recommends."
> "Providing a significant amount of functionality" includes "running", IMO.
> And that applies to _all_ programs in the package.

Wait a moment. If all programs run it does not provide a significant amount
of functionality but full functionality and maybe even more. The pcmcia-cs
is fully functional even without cardinfo.

> > First, notice that nothing here (or anywhere in section 8.2) states that
> > your hypothetical package A must be "fully functional" without package
> > B.  Here it merely states that having A without B must be "perfectly
> > reasonable."  I believe that this paragraph fully supports my position
> > that "Suggests" can be appropriately used to point to other packages
> > that add extra functionality (enhance the package's usefulness).
> "More useful" implies that it would be "useful" without those "others".
> And "useful" implies "working".

What do you refer to? pcmcia-cs is useful with libforms.

> >      In addition, the packages in "main" 
> >         * must not require a package outside of "main" for compilation or
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >           execution (thus, the package may not declare a "Depends" or
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> >           "Recommends" relationship on a non-main package), 
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> This is exactly what I have been trying to say all the time.

But again, this does not say that ever small piece of additional software
must actually run.

> Again, there are two choices:
> 1. Create a separate package for cardinfo and put that in contrib.
> 2. Move the whole thing into contrib.

Or leave it as it is. Or remove the cardinfo binary. 

> Remco
> (tired of repeating himself so often)

Me too.

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