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Re: possible adoptor for gxedit

On Wed, Dec 16, 1998 at 06:50:26PM -0800, Chris Waters wrote:
> (Apologies to Michael for the cc, but I wasn't sure if you'd have time
> to keep up with debian-devel, since you say you have less free time
> now.)

Thanks. I try to keep up with it but I have to delete lots of email just by

> I'll take over gxedit, but, since there's a new upstream version (or


> three), I really don't want to bother with the version in frozen, so

Oops. That's what I meant with lack of time. But then the upstream author
told me he wouldn't release a new version for some months.

> I'll leave that one alone, as it seems to be bug-free.

Yes, it it. Okay, I keep the sources around for frozen and should a bug come
up I will take care of it as time permits. I'm interested to see what
changes in the new releases. :-)

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