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GGI project needs help !

I'm not sure if this is completely appropriate, but, well, the GGI project's
main web and ftp servers were apparently wiped, and they need someone to host
these servers for them so they can complete with a release. GGI is a new,
kernel-level interface to graphics cards that in my opinion will greatly
improve Linux's capabilities in the game and multi-media markets.

Unfortunately, I don't have any resources to help out, but thought passing the
word could do some good. The person to contact, per the message below, is:

Emmanuel Marty <core@ggi-project.org>

Here is the posting they have on an emergency web site:

We're homeless !

Our apologies, the system hosting www.ggi-project.org and ftp.ggi-project.org
has been apparently reinstalled from scratch
and without warning this morning, wiping us out from it. This comes as a very
bad time, as we are coming close to a public
release, and obviously need them very much to make our work known and
downloaded. This system, degas.ggi-project.org,
where this temporary page is being served from, already hosts the master cvs
repository of several megabytes of our
sourcecode and is massively used all day long. I therefore cannot reasonably
host the www and ftp servers on top of it. So,
even if our work isn't frozen, we are looking for a new system to host our http
and ftp servers very quickly; the candidate will
offer telnet or ssh access as well as ftp access to three persons of the
project, and will agree to let us cron a few jobs such
as daily mirroring. It will have some bandwidth to spare, as our server was
rather demanded. We are confident that the
communauty will not let us down. It just comes at a very bad time. Please email
Emmanuel Marty if you want to help us, this
will be very appreciated. 

    Status quo is, well, boring !

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