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Re: people using debian

Chris Waters wrote:
> I thought he was a Mac user.  Where did this info come from?  Not to
> rain on anyone's parade, but as a lifelong member of the science fiction
> community, I know how easily unfounded rumors about popular writers can
> spread.  So, I'd really like to know the source before spreading this
> rumor farther.

The source is Stig Hackv?n (stig@devlinux.org), who I've actually met, so I
give it some credance.
>       "It looks good so far, but then I'm right in the middle of
>       upgrading my Debian distribution and so I'm just in a Linux
>       frame of mind. Good luck."
>           -- Neal Stephenson, Hacker and Nerd with Verbal Skills.

(Note he wasn't referring to debian with "it looks good so far", but to a
linux website Stig is making.)

see shy jo

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