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Re: people using debian

Joey Hess wrote:

> I thought some of you may get a kick out of this, especially
> _Snow_Crash_ fans like myself - it seems Neal Stephenson uses debian.

I thought he was a Mac user.  Where did this info come from?  Not to
rain on anyone's parade, but as a lifelong member of the science fiction
community, I know how easily unfounded rumors about popular writers can
spread.  So, I'd really like to know the source before spreading this
rumor farther.

The only SF writer that I'm *sure* uses Linux at all is Rebecca Ore, and
I'm not sure what distro she uses, but she often posts on the gnome
mailing lists, so it's probably RH, maybe Debian.  Melisa Michaels, the
Science Fiction Writers of America webmaster (who also happens to be my
aunt) would like to use Linux, but has had problems installing it on her
particular hardware.  Since her nephew is a Debian developer, there's a
reasonable chance that the SFWA website will say "created with Debian
GNU/Linux" before too much longer.  :-)
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