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Re: Bug#30739: When a tiny part of a package uses non-free libraries

Michael Meskes wrote:

> I do think it should go into main, yes.
> Otherwise, as a maintainer, I would just provide the program
> [that depends on non-free] under /usr/doc to work around this stuff.

I, Peter S Galbraith, wrote:

> I'd read that as contempt for the DFSG.

Craig Sanders wrote:

> i wouldn't. i'd read it as a reasonable compromise solution to the
> problem. there are many executables (mostly compressed perl and sh
> script examples) under /usr/doc.

But `perl' and `sh' are both standard packages.  You don't need
to depend on them.

I saw the act of moving a binary /usr/bin/contrib-program to 
/usr/doc/PACKAGE/contrib-program as just a sneaky way to get
around the DFSG and avoid dependencies.

As someone has posted since, perhaps he meant placing the source
of the contrib-program to /usr/doc.

As Michael Meskes has since posted, the problem appears to be a
very different interpretation of what dependencies mean.  I guess
policy needs to be clarified in this respect (because I wasn't
the only one to have a different interpretation than Michael).

> i certainly wouldn't accuse someone like michael (who has demonstrated
> a strong committment to the ideals of free software in debates on the
> debian lists over the last few years) of having contempt for the DFSG.

That's why I wrote it the way I did: 

`I'd read that as contempt [if you actually did that, but you haven't]'

I think he's wrong to currently include a contrib binary in main,
but I think he's doing it because he misunderstands dependencies
(not by comtempt).  But perhaps I'm the one who misunderstands

I liked to people point out that Debian dependencies make sure
that every installed bianry works, but Michael's interpretation
of the dependencies (if he's correct) means that this is not
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