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Re: ANybody got a working GTK+1.1.6

On 16 Dec 1998, Ben Gertzfield wrote:

> Since you never announced the upload in the first place, just
> delete them from Incoming.
OK, I'll do that.
> I'd reccommend you use dupload or a similar tool to handle the
> announcements for you in the future, since you forgot to do it by hand
> when you did the NMU, and you failed to contact me or anyone besides
> debian-devel about it.
I'll check that.  Seems me that I havn't read the documentation
carefully to profit from dupload.  By the way I like to do some
things manually.

Just for the sake of interest: How did you manage that the necessary
files in your packages will be moved into the right packages?
For instance I had to
   mv debian/tmp/usr/bin debian/libgtk$(GTK_VERSION)-dev/usr
to get gtk-config into the development package.  The same for the
libs and the docs.  I can't imagine who this could be done with
your rules file from 1.1.6.

By the way:  Do you consider it to be clever to introduce a Variable
GTK_VERSION=1.1.7 to change only one place for new upstream versions?
I'm sure you have a script which handles this, but if a NMU should
be necessary this would help.

Kind regards


PS: Any desicion about the testgtk thing?

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