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ANybody got a working GTK+1.1.6


is anybody out there who got a working GTK+1.1.6??

For me it SIGSEGVs immediately after starting.

I know that there is a really stupid bug in the sources which
was corrected some hours after releasing GTK+1.1.6, but it is
included in the Debian package :-(.

I fixed it but the SIGSEGV error stays with me :-(.

I don't want to bother Ben with a bug report about that
because It should not be a bug report against 1.1.6 but
*New version available* which should correct this bug and
more and I suppose that Ben is working on the packages, so I
don't want to steal his time with closing stupid bugs :).

Does anybody have a quick solution until 1.1.7-1.deb is out?

Kind regards


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