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Re: OCAML Debian package

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Sven LUTHER wrote:

> The problem i see is that they don't want it to become non-free, and i think
> this is ok for this package, altough i think that ocaml could be more used if
> it would become really non-free. lets start a discution with them about it, but
> keep in mind that the opinion on releasing programs non-free is ok as long as

Ok. As I told you yesterday I can't speak much too French, but please keep
me informed about it.

> Ok, Fernando, which one of us package it then ? I am already debian developper,
> so the package could go in nextly. i will also package mlgtk, an ocaml binding
> to gtk+, but it is still a bit alpha software. Right now i am not maintaining

I really think it will be better if you do the job; you are more experienced
than I am, and of course it is the presence of better packages what matters,
not who maintains them, isn't it? Please go on and package ocaml.

Just a comment about ocaml package, is there any problem for making a
separate ocaml-doc new package? Documentation is quite big and I think it
would be a good idea given that basic usage etc does not differ from one
version to another.

> any other packages, and i am writhing my phd thesis on camlous stuff, so i will
> need quite recent packages of it ...

I use it at my faculty too so it will be nice to have newer versions as soon
as possible, it's definitevely a good idea for you to maintain it.


Fernando Sanchez

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