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Re: isdnutils and 2.0.36

Oscar Levi <elf@buici.com> wrote:

>> If 2.0.36 goes in (which I would like to see personally, as that
>> supports *MUCH* more ISDN hardware, has bugs removed, is certified,
>> etc.), I think I'd prefer to see the potato version of isdnutils
>> put into slink. That's been tested more by now than a patched
>> slink-update version would be...

I have to agree with this. Kernel 2.0.36 and the new isdnutils should
be moved to slink NOW. The longer we wait the more outdated 2.0.35 is
and the less chance we have to find possible bugs in these two new
packages (if we had did this when the two packages were released, they 
would have been tested for 3 weeks now...).

Don't forget, that many people want to install actual kernels
independently of what Debian wants. If they don't get the kernel from
us, they will get and install it another way and then they will run
into trouble with the old isdnutils...

> It is unwise to change the kernel just before we ship.

Correct, but why didn't we change it 3 weeks ago? I don't see us
shipping slink soon, there are much too many bugs jet.

BTW: I don't think that I'm the only one using 2.0.36 here...
So there should be many bug reports if any incompatibilities between
2.0.36 and slink exist. Are there any 2.0.36 relating bug reports? No?
So what do you fear?

The isdnutils 3 could be a bigger problem, because this isn't only a
bugfix but there are some changes in the upstream version. But I was
able to install them without problems, so there shouldn't be too big
bugs in this package. I think that there are more people needing the
new supported ISDN cards then people which will have problems with the 
new isdnutils 3 package.

> I support making it optional for the minority of people who use ISDN
> adaptors. It would be tragic if we upgraded the kernel and broke
> packages.

So what's about renaming isdnutils-3 to isdnutils3 and install two
packages (isdnutils and isdnutils3) in slink as well as both kernels
(maybe with 2.0.35 as the default)? This should solve all problems.
People can choose themselves whether they want to use the very stable
kernel (which has some bugs, which are fixed in 2.0.36) or whether
they want to try 2.0.36 and the new isdnutils (if they use ISDN).

Otherwise many "stabe-user" have to use the unstable packages and will
run into every new problem, which they doesn't expect...



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