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Re: Election Dates

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Darren Benham wrote:

> [The constitution states clearly that the second set of three weeks is
> used for campaigning.  It is, however, vague on whether campaigning
> is allowed during the nomination period.  Since the the constitution
> does address campaining (saying to use weeks 4-6) and since the
> constitution does not state that campaigning should be conducted
> during weeks 1-3, I understand it to mean that campaigning should not
> be conducted during weeks 1-3, the nomination period.  That is my
> interpretation and my reasoning behind it.]

this campaigning is starting to shit me. please lets NOT turn this into
an election circus...don't we get enough of that in RL? 

try to retain SOME dignity.

nominate yourself, make a statement if you like, and then shut the f***
up about the election.

IMO, anyone who wants the job badly enough to "campaign" for it (i.e.
spam debian-devel with political crap) SHOULDN'T GET THE JOB.

all these grandiose claims about what people are going to do with debian
if they get elected are just so much crap.  debian roject leader isn't a
BOSS position, it's a SLAVE position...you get to do all the shit that has
to be done but nobody wants to do, but you don't get to tell other
developers what to do.

as has been proven repeatedly over the last few years, you can't lead the
project where it doesn't want to go (or as Bruce was wont to say, "herding
cats is impossible").

the most you can promise is to try not to do any damage to debian, and to
always act in debian's best interests.  anything else is just empty
posturing for political purposes.


ps: also IMHO, we should just pick some poor sucker who doesn't want
to be el presidente and force them to do the job. if they refuse the
honour, they get to choose between a firing squad and a year of managing
a win95 network in a Microsoft-only shop.

(for the humour impaired, this postscript is a joke)

pps: whoever introduced the idea of "campaigning" to the constitution
probably ought to be shot. it only encourages people by giving them the
wrong idea.

(this postscript may or may not be a joke.  i can't decide)

craig sanders

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