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Re: Nomination question: Redhat

On Tue, 15 Dec 1998, Joseph Carter wrote:

> I wanted to be nice about how I worded this, but other people have not
> been so my echo probably won't add much.  Please note this is what I've
> heard others say, and I have no backing for this whatsoever and while it
> concerns me, I'm not going to pass judgement without more solid info..

Ok, then don't take my comment personal.

> Redhat has supposedly been removing GPL libs from their dist the same way
> we removed KDE.  They don't like the GPL for libs and instead of
> supporting the authors who want their software to be kept free they would
> rather essentially sell out on the whole free software idea and try to
> convince proprietary software vendors to port their apps as quick as
> possible to Redhat since Redhat is quickly becoming the dist that allows
> the most exploit.

The association with KDE is FUD. RedHat may lot like the GPL for
libraries, but that's something entirely different from KDE's license not
being valid at all. It's the wording "the same way" that bites me.

> Essentially, the accusation is that Redhat is selling out on us by not
> allowing GPL libs and replacing GPL libs where they can with Redhat
> written code under the LGPL.  I see no reason why they would be doing
> this, but the argument is the same we've probably all heard by now:  Sun
> and Netscape don't want to take out Microsoft for being an evil monopoly,
> they want to replace Microsoft as the next one.  Well, the argument is
> that Redhat is trying to do this as well.

I wouldn't be surprised by RedHat trying to control the market at all.
After all, they are a commercial company just like any other commercial
software vendor.

So, let them try. Debian will not disappear. As long as enough people
recognise the superiority of Debian over RedHat, it will attract users.

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