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Re: Support on fixing bugs.

Joey Hess wrote:
> Martin Schulze wrote:
> > I feel that initially the debian-qa list was started for this reason.
> > Quality assurance is an important matter for any piece of software.  It is
> > currently downgraded into a list flooded by the bug tracking system and more
> > or less dead otherwise.  You may want to revive it for your needs.

Well, yes.  Check the last mails sent to debian-qa, there are only
very few mails that are not automatically generated and are more
or less originated at the bug tracking system.

In contrary the list was initiated to assure the quality of Debian
and not to end up as bag for orphaned packages.  I understand the
reason for this and that the people who initially planned to work
on this didn't find time ot work on this.

> Please do join and help though, and it'd be great to use the list for more
> than a distribution channel for bug reports.

When I find time, I occasionally pick orphaned packages that I
consider useful and correctly orphan them by fixing the remaining
bugs that I'm able to fix - or take over the package myself.



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