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Re: [Re: Nomination talks] IRC is unacceptable

Hamish Moffatt writes:
> I rarely do IRC...

I have occasionally listened in on irc when someone enthuses over it and
urges me to try it out.  I don't see how anyone can get anything done

> I don't read slashdot more than once a month;...

I looked at it once.  Never got around to going back.

> I've never been to freshmeat.

Same here.

> I'm beginning to think that to survive as a Debian maintainer, or at
> least to have any input, you have to spend every spare moment at those
> sites.

I don't think that is true yet, but there do seem to be forces pushing that

> And sorry, I'm just not interested.

I can fit quite a bit of email and news into my rather odd schedule.
Participating in irc meetings would almost certainly require that I
reschedule or forgo other activities.  I won't.  And the Web is just too
damn slow and awkward.
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