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Re: What I'd like to see in a project leader

On Sat, Dec 12, 1998 at 08:21:05PM -0800, Darren Benham wrote:
> > I've read the constitution, and its still not clear to me just what the
> > role of "project leader" is, and what the exact duties are.  Are we
> > looking for a good PR person, or a good technical lead?  We're unlikely
> > to find someone who is both.  Bruce wanted to be both, and ended up
> > proving that he wasn't very good at PR, nor was he very mature.
> The leader is someone who's a public front but also someone who we acknowledge
> as having an idea of direction.  Since the Leader's proposals don't require
> sponsors, they carry a little more force than a technical committee proposal
> (which would require the approval of "a" committee) or a Individual Developer
> (which would require 5 sponsors).

But still has to have the same discussion period.

> Also, the Leader's responsible for creating
> and staffing things like ftpmaster, listmaster, Project Secretary's position,
> the Technical Committee (in certain circumstances), New-Maintainer's group and
> such... not that many of these *need* active attention, as people tend to flow
> into the voids that come up.  Oh, and they're supposed help guide the
> discussions that go on around proposals and such....
> And ofcourse... they are a major focus for PR.....

ie, their primary jobs are to find other people to do stuff, add
direction to discussions, and makde Debian look good to the rest of the
world.  I agree with the assessment the job is more "coordinator" than

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