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Re: Articles mentioning Debian

>> "j" == john  <john@dhh.gt.org> writes:

j> Martin Bialasinski writes:
>> Also provide a menuentry for any html docs (with a needs=dwww).

j> How?  I created html docs for chrony and put them in /usr/doc/chrony but I
j> didn't know I was to create a menu entry.  I've always assumed that the
j> menu system was just for GUI stuff.

?package(xisp):needs="dwww" section="Apps/Net" \
  title="XISP - a pppd frontend"\
  description="A pppd frontend for X11 with multiple ISP support and phonecost tracking"\

The menu package is more general. If you install dwww, it will provide 
/etc/menu-methods/dwww, which is called by update-menus.


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