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Re: Beer and such, was: Re: Nomination

On 11 Dec 1998, Martin Bialasinski wrote:
> Jehova. I take two big ones and a small one.
> You are talking to a citizen, which has the "Reinheitsgebot". The
> world oldest law (anno 1516, predecessor anno 1290) wrt food.
> It says beer may only be produced from water, barley, hops and
> yeast. Unfortunately, other beers, not obeying this law, may be
> imported since some years (due to a decision by the EU).
> Have a good, cold one.
> 	Martin

Beck's is a good German beer which is widely exported and adheres
to the Reinheitsgebot (says so right on the label).  It has long
been my favourite import and it has fast become my wife's favourite
too, ever since I introduced the beer to her (very important for
good marital relations! :)

Q. Why is drinking American beer like making love in a canoe?
A. They are both f***ing close to water.
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