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2.0.36 for Debian hamm, packaged?

Among other things, I use Debian GNU Linux because it provides me
with rather secure software _and_ includes security fixes.  

I don't recall to have seen a new kernel since the release of
2.0.35, so can I presume that the bugs discussed by Alan are still
there in Debian's kernel-binary package?


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Date:         Thu, 10 Dec 1998 22:50:00 GMT
From: Alan Cox <alan@LXORGUK.UKUU.ORG.UK>
Subject:      Linux 2.0.36: The stuff that was 'fixed quietly' [Summary]

Linux 2.0.36 fixed various security holes as does any stable OS update. Some
of these may have equivalents in other systems, so this documents the
relevant ones now that every vendor should have their kernel updates long


Red Hat Software:

No other vendor has bothered to reply to the original vendor-sec request
for comments on this message so far.

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