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Re: Nomination for Project Leader

On Thu, Dec 10, 1998 at 12:05:43PM -0500, Ben Collins wrote:
> 1) When unstable becomes frozen there would not be an unstable fork until
> deep freeze. This would help speed up the process of getting the "work in
> progress" out the door. I'm not at all saying would should make any short
> cuts, but the longer we sit in frozen the older the packages upstream
> version becomes, and the sooner it's out of date. With no unstable to
> immediately be concerned with, focus can remain on fixing any remaining
> bugs in frozen.

This well practiced approach, called the ZD milestone by some, where
*all* progress stops until we have no bugs.  It is a sound suggestion
that requires further discussion since it only makes sense when we
integrate testing into the release.

> 2) Make dynamic lists available for very important discussions. This would
> allow important discussions, such as a major license issue or policy
> changes to be sectioned off from the general -devel discussion which so
> often brings focus away from pressing details that need to be taken care
> of first.

This, too, is a well heeled proposal that I have seen work among the
folks at IETF.

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