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Re: DFSG2: Why is software freedom useful, and what does it mean ?

Adam Di Carlo <apharris@burrito.onshore.com> writes:

> As I read it, you are following ESR in putting forth that the raison
> d'etre of free software consists in its efficiency benefits for the
> process of software development.  This view, if I'm correct in
> stating your position, I find rather limiting.  I don't find that it
> really expresses the "meaning" of free software to me.

By my reading of it Ian wasn't claiming that the sole reason for free
software was the practical benefits; rather that these practical
benefits did exist (and what the requirements were for them to work).

The paper certainly acknowledges that there are plenty of other
reasons for having free software; see section 2 in particular - or
even the abstract.


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