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I am planning to put together a packaged version of 'tex4ht'.  This is a tool
for authoring HTML documents using TeX/LaTeX.  It is also a very successful
conversion tool from TeX/LaTeX/AMSTeX etc into HTML.

Although other, good tools exist for conversion of LaTeX to HTML, they often
do not work well with PLAIN TeX files and/or user-defined macros.  Tex4ht
consists of a couple of TeX macro ('style') files, and uses TeX itself to
process the source '.tex' file.  Thus it understands all TeX's own rules of
expansion and macro definitions.  The style files produce a special '.dvi'
file with embedded HTML code (in the form of '\special's), which is converted
by separate programs into the HTML file or (optionally) a series of linked
HTML files.  Any graphics characters or pictures that cannot be output
directly in HTML are converted into '.gif' files.  (The programs used for the
conversion are configurable - typically from the 'imagemagick' suite.)

Unfortunately, the current copyright notice for tex4ht will force it into the
non-free category (commercial use is not allowed without the author's

Let me know if you are already working on this or have your own/better ideas.
I am new to making/uploading Debian packages, so I may be seeking help from
this/other lists soon....

Andrew Gray
12 West Street, Grange Villa, Chester-le-Street, DH2 3LW, United Kingdom
telephone +44 191 370 3443
email a.j.gray@durham.ac.uk

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: noconv


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