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Re: monitorless bird?

Just want to let everyone know, I am back with a functioning monitor. 
Russel Inman was kind enough to give me his old 14".  It's able to use an
amazing 800x600x56Hz (you're supposed to be laughing now) and is a little
blurry in text mode, BUT it is a monitor and the you can't beat the price.

The immediate despirate need is passed now, however a problem or two remains

Does anyone have a set of modelines and other numbers for this thing? 
XF86Setup has them, but X is still kinda screwed so using that won't work
well.  =>

Someone should write a modeline calculator program that used the X server
and a test pattern, etc.  Something like xvidtune that you can actually use.

Show me the code or get out of my way.

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