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Re: Do we know why Incoming->archive takes so long?

On Tue, Dec 08, 1998 at 03:50:35PM -0500, Scott Ellis wrote:

> > Incoming should be part of the main archive, and mirrored by everyone. 
> > Do we have something to hide?
> Files in incoming haven't had their PGP signatures checked yet, so it may
> be possible to introduce a trojan file.

If I get a file from an Incoming directory, I expect things like that.  I
can download from sunsite's Incoming directory too.

People who get angry at Debian because they downloaded a Trojan from a
directory clearly marked "Incoming -- stuff here has not been verified"
are nuts.

> In addition, Incoming is generally too volitile for the daily mirroring of
> ftp.debian.org to do much good.  The files aren't hidden, just not
> mirrored across the entire network of archives, when they'll just have to
> be copied again when moved to their correct locations.  There are a few
> other incoming mirrors (llug has one), I just don't recall all of them.

If there's an Incoming mirror on ftp.debian.org, I can't find it.  It would
be nice if that, at least, had an Incoming.



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