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Re: Intent to package - rhide

On Mon, 7 Dec 1998, Edward John M. Brocklesby wrote:

> rhide is an IDE for DOS (spit) and Linux. It is GPL'd, with the following
> addition:
> --cut--
> Additional conditions:
> If you make any modifications on RHIDE, you have to leave the original
> copyright notice intact and add an comment about your modifications.

This seems OK.

> If you distribute the binaries for RHIDE from modified sources, then
> you have to add a notification which is printed at startup of RHIDE
> and in the about box to tell the user that you have made modifications
> and that it is not the binary from the original sources distributed by me.

OK. Not very nice, but OK.

> If you distribute the sources for RHIDE, you are not allowed to distribute
> the full modified sources for the Turbo Vision library because of the
> copying conditions by Borland International.

What is the license for the Turbo Vision library like? And does the
program depend on that library? If the Turbo Vision library can't be in
main and RHIDE depends on it, RHIDE can't be in main.

> If you want to include RHIDE (binaries and/or sources) in a commercial
> product (on a CD-ROM for a book or something else) contact me first.

A requirement like this makes a program non-free. What happens with this
clause if the author stops maintaining the program, leaves the internet or
even dies? You could try to ask the author to loosen the wording a bit.
Simply inserting the word "please" before "contact" would be suficient
since that would make it a request instead of a requirement.

> --cut--
> I believe the bit about contacting the author contradicts the GPL, therefore
> this is a KDE-type license. I'll talk to the author about it.
> Once that is resolved, I believe it is a main package.

> Also, it wants its own group with read to /dev/vcsa*, what should I do about
> this? (It doesn't _need_ one, but the mouse doesn't work otherwise).

Can you make it use the gpm fifo thingy? (see 'man gpm', the -R option)


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