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Re: Considering packaging: Microsoft Web Font pack

Avery Pennarun <apenwarr@worldvisions.ca> writes:
> Microsoft may remove these files from their web site at any time.  In
> particular, the win32 files are hard to pull apart, so we need the win16
> ones.  (I'm aware of the internationalization issue; if you can find a way
> to split those win32 .exe files from Linux, let me know.)

1) so download them now onto master or somewhere until we figure out what to
   do with them.

2) at worst we can make an installer package, it can even fetch them from our
   ftp server.

3) Have you tried using dosemu to extract the win32 archive? or wine?
   Though I would be afraid of an installer package that ran dosemu or wine
   during installation.

4) How about a crazier idea: packaging IE to run under Wine. Last I checked
   the Win16 version actually ran ok. I think the license isn't quite as
   liberal as these font licenses though, but it might be possible with one
   of the clauses intended to allow ISPs to distribute customized versions of
   IE to their customers.

> Secondly, it's orders of magnitude more convenient to let APT
> download/install the fonts than to download them one by one from
> www.microsoft.com and then run a weird command to install them.

It would be neat to have a Extra-Files: header, which APT or dselect methods
could use to fetch files during the download phase so Realaudio and such can
install without requiring the user to download anything.


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