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Re: Requesting a naming convention for releases

> Dang... Just come back from watching it... I didn't stay for the credits,
> the others I was with were impatient. Anyway, to be on-topic, I am looking
> forward to "Debian GNU/Linux x.x (hopper)" (what about "Ada" (sp??))

<AOL>me too</AOL>
It's "Atta", IIRC - assuming you're talking about the princess. "Flick" and
"Gypsy" aren't bad names either... "Dot" might be a bit confusing though.
(along the lines of _saying_ the middle part of "http://slashdot.org";)

Robert Donn
{VorteX - Quake} {Squirk - IRC}
"IBM don't make nonstandard things.  People just cloned them wrong."
	-- Tim Foster

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