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Crypto controls (More problems for non-US?)

> According to http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/981203/3l.html, 33 more countries,
> including Germany, have made exportation of encryption technologies illegal
> (or at least some of them).  Even though I'm in the US, I view this as a
> VERY serious problem. 

That's what it looks like.

However, it is not true that the 33 countries *have* made exportation of
encryption technologies illegal. They have *agreed to do so*, which is a
different matter.

The agreement as such has no consequences for individuals. Individuals
are bound by the laws and regulations of their countries of residence
and citizenship. Countries have agreed to implement restrictions. Only
when Norway actually does so are the restrictions binding to me. And I
am bound by the actual rules and mechanisms implemented by Norway. A
court will give those rules precedence over the agreement.

Implementation of the agreement in a country may or may not require
changing laws, depending on existing conditions in the country.

Just a long way of pointing out that no immediate changes are
needed. But yes, a mechanim will be needed for keeping track of what
crypto is legal where.


Jon K. Hellan                                  Jon.K.Hellan@item.ntnu.no
Div. of Telematics, Norw. U. of Science & Technology, Trondheim - Norway

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