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what's going on with gtk+ ????

Hello, ...

i just saw that the new gtk+/glib 1.1.5 are available, but they are now named
gtk+/glib1.1.5 instead of gtk+/glib 1.1 as was the case for glib1.1.4 and
gtk+1.1.3 ...

what is the reason of this ? is it a bug or are there some fundamental
difference between both versions, as was between the 1.0 serie and the 1.1 one.

yesterday i tried to compile gnome-libs for the powerpc arch, and encoutered
some problems regarding this. it seems that all the gtk things are right now
compiled against gtk1.0.x, in particular imlib-progs and imlib-dev depend on
gtk1-dev, which conflict with gtk1.1-dev, so it is not possible to compile
gtk1.1 stuff with gnome ??? i thought latest version of gnome needs gtk1.1 and
not gtk1.0, but maybe i am mistaken.

Hopefully gtk1.2 will be here soon so we can go out of all this messy stuff,
but i think that it would be good to have a scheme so that both gtk1.2 and
future gtk1.3 can be simultaneously installed (some sort of alt-dev packages ?)


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