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Re: DFSG2: Why we need clear guidelines, not woolly ones

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Joey Hess wrote:

> Ian Jackson wrote:
> > 1. Some software licences require you to send a postcard to the
> > author (`postcardware'.)
> We have _never_ considered such software free, if the sending of
> postcards is mandatory. I challenge you to find one example of such a
> thing in main.

i'm glad someone pointed this out. 

when licenses like this come up, the question we have always used to
decide if it is DFSG is "is it a request, or is it mandatory".

if the license only *requests* something (please send me a postcard, or
a six-pack of beers, or please donate to my favourite charity) then it
is DFSG free.

if the license *requires* that postcard or beer or sexual activity then it
is not DfSG free.


craig sanders

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