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Re: Leadership, effects on Debian and open source community

Joseph Carter wrote:
> > This is right if the only merit to arguments against tossing the
> > advertising clause is that we'll discriminate against packages whose
> > authors haven't had sufficient time to consider the new DFSG.
> "The BSD advertising clause is not free software.  Apache?  That's just too
> important, we had to make an exception for it."  NO.

Amen! Doesn't this seem hypocrytical to everyone?!

BTW, I have a question. I understand that new maintainers are called up and
quizzed to make sure they understand the DFSG, and that they agree with it.
I came into debian before this was instituted, but I could pass that test.

I will never be able to agree with DFSG2 if it contains timeouts and
exceptions. Do I have to agree with it to continue as a debian developer, or
will I be forced to resign from the project if it becomes official? I've
very concerned about this. I think any developer who disagrees with these
features of the DFSG2 should be as well.

see shy jo

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