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Re: Is this really the right thing to do?

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Mitch Blevins wrote:

<about auto-removing unneeded packages>

> I think the best solution would be to be able to mark packages in dselect
> and dpkg, just like we currently have them marked as 'purge', 'hold', etc.
> We would just add a way to mark packages as
> 'installed-but-not-wanted-on-its-own-merits-so-uninstall-it-when-all-
> packages-needing-it-are-gone', or IBNWOIOMSUIWAPNIAG for short.

Yes, this has been proposed several times before and I don't think anyone
would be against such an option. But looking at the huge list of bug
reports dpkg has, I doubt anyone with sufficient knowledge of dpkg has the
time to implement it.


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