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Re: Upgrade path to slink from pre-2.0 releases

Craig Sanders wrote:
> > > Another approach, since apt-get is now stable, would be to abandon
> > > the autoup script entirely.  The libc5 version of apt-get and
> > > dpkg_1.4.0.8.deb (required when updating from a buzz system) and a
> > > README file would be the only files needed in the upgrade directory.
> > > As before, this would not need updating for future releases.

> > I prefer this method.

As alternative it's fine, as the one and only, it is not.

> autoup.sh did its job as a quick-and-dirty hack, but apt is a much better
> long-term solution.

Since apt-get doesn't run on all systems, but dpkg does the script is
still needed.  It would be a false decision to depend entirely on apt.



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