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Re: Ian's DFSG2 would harm Debian and Free Software

Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:

> the DFSG as it was written is a simple, plain english set of
> guidelines.

Simple, plain English and woefully inadequate for being able to
clearly, easily and quickly determine if a licence meets them.

> the proposed DFSG2 struck me as being an offensively officious set
> of rules.

Both of them are guidelines, but both of them are rules in Debian in
the sense that policy requires software in main satisfy them.

> rules tend to get my back up which motivates me to look for
> loopholes to get around being controlled/limited by them. i think
> that is a reasonable and common response to rules.

You think it's a reasonable response to policy to try and find
loopholes in it?  That's scary.


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