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"Bug Free and Lintian Clean" packages to give away

I would like to give these "Bug Free and Lintian Clean" (TM) packages away.
All packages have been converted to debhelper and should be easy, especially
as a training ground for beginning maintainers. I would also be more than
happy to help to ease transition. 

These packages are effectively orphaned upstream:

    archie     - Command-line archie client			
    auto-pgp   - PGP tools for command-line and Emacs use
    slsc       - S-Language port of the classic SC spreadsheet

These are simple Perl module packages:

    libdate-manip-perl - Perl5 modules for common date and time manipulation
    libio-stringy-perl - Perl5 modules for IO from scalars and arrays
    libmime-perl - Perl5 modules for MIME-compliant messages (MIME-tools)

Gstalker is a rather recent GTK plotting package, and uses this tcp library.

    gstalker   - Stock and commodity price charting utility
    libtcp4u3  - The tcp4u portable networking API 

Linux is not only free; it is, arguably, a better operating system, offering
a degree of stability and an ability to scale up that NT cannot match.
                                             -- The Economist, Oct 3, 1998

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