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Re: Bug#30059: unmounted filesystem bug

On Thu, Nov 26, 1998 at 09:33:43PM -0500, Steve Fullenwider wrote:
> Debian,

I am not Debian but at least I am a Debian-developer :)

> I am unaware of who to report this bug to so I'll report it to the great
> fantastic beings who created the distribution I use.  May they recieve
> the glory for fixing it first ('cause I don't know how to do it myself).  

:-) I guess we are not that fantastic at all. Today I did not half the things I wanted
to do.

> I mounted a cd on a directory with a space in it.

I did something similar when I wanted to backup all my old floppy disks to
CDR. I wanted to have an image file to reproduce each disk and a directory
with the contents, to. Problem: I wrote a script that reads the name of the
disk and saves the image file to this name (for example "Corel Draw"). Then it
mounts the file using the loopback-device. But the unmount fails...

> mount /dev/cdrom "Aqua Mania Remix"
> then did what I had to do with the cd
> then un mounted it.
> umount "Aqua Mania Remix"
> However it seems to somehow not have unmounted it correctly since now I
> get the following error messages:
> hellburner:~# df 
> Filesystem         1024-blocks  Used Available Capacity Mounted on
> [ several normally mounted file systems with their proper readouts]
> df: /usr/local/mp3/Aqua/Aqua: No such file or directory

Problem is as follows: The file /etc/mtab contains the list of mounted
filesystems. This is not really needed since the kernel keeps track of mounted
fs too. The unmount is successful (the kernel can deal with spaces) but when
umount tries to update /etc/mtab it is not able to cope with spaces so the
operation fails.

df reads /etc/mtab to get the list of mounted filesystems and, as the name of
the mountpoint is only "Aqua" according to mtab, because spaces seperate
mountpoint and filesystem type, he is not able to get the capacity of that

> if I try to:
> umount /usr/local/mp3/Aqua/Aqua 
> I get:
> umount: /dev/hdb: not found
> 	I have checked the bug lists and have not found this particular
> bug.  I have found a similar bug in the man stuff.  This may need fixing
> at the kernel level.  Please inform me if I am making any mistakes.

You aren't. This is really a bug but it is not easy to fix. We had to change
the format of /etc/mtab and, probably, /proc/mounts. What should I do? I
certainly could fix mount to quote spaces in /etc/mtab but I do not know if
this breaks any applications apart from df, mount, umount, ...

I wanted to submit this bug sometime ago. I forgot... Thank you for reminding


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