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Re: Content-Length harmful

On Mon, Nov 30, 1998 at 01:51:21PM -0500, Michael Stone wrote:

> Quoting Roderick Schertler (roderick@argon.org):
> > Dhesi's mbox encoding is reversible, backwards compatible with standard
> > mbox encoding and editable without counting bytes.
> No it's not. Only if the MUA is aware of the MDA's quoting of From_
> lines (and automatically strips them) is it transparent. This is, IMHO,
> a horribly icky solution--I don't want _anything_ munging the content of
> my messages.

Such is the power of Debian Policy.  We simply declare that all MDA and MUA
programs will do the Dhesi encoding in Debian, and soon it will be so. 
Well, sort of :)

Anyway, using the mbox format as it is, you will have mangled messages (bad
>From).  If you are half-converted to Dhesi format, you'll also have mangled
messages (non-quoted "From" in a quote, or excessively-quoted >>>From
lines).  However, if you _fully_ convert to Dhesi format, your problems are
solved -- it becomes a real encoding, not mangling.  This is not true of
fully converting to mbox format, where we will forever have >From lines.

And I've been convinced, Content-Length definitely sucks.

Is there a real problem with Dhesi, other than that it might mangle messages
slightly differently than we're used to?

Have fun,


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