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Intent of package LDP

Hi all,

this is my first intent of package, I hope don't
make mystakes .

---The package-----

The LDP is the famous project to build a series of manual to
the different argument of linux.

Actually, as i know, the main url for the LDP is


there are seven different guide

1)installation and getting started guide (3.2) HTML, DVI , PDF, PS and
  LATEX format

2)The Linux Kernel Hacker Guide (0.7) only HTML format, interactive
with message (but suspend now)
you can find more information at:

3) The Linux Kernel (different from The Linux Kernel Hacker Guide) (0.8-2)

4) The Linux network administrator guide (1.0) available in HTML, DVI,

5) The Linux programmer's Guide (0.4) available in HTML, Latex, PDF, PS

6) The Linux System Administrator Guide (0.6) available in  HTML, DVI,

7) The Linux User Guide (beta-1) available in DVI, Latex, PDF and PS

---the project of the package----

As i know there are not debian package of this document. I'think that
the future package will be include the postscript version and the html
For the "source" of the package i consider the latex version,
because in many  cases the html version is make using latex2html package.

There are also international translation of some guides, as i know in
spanish, russian and italian languare, because i'm italian and i don't
know english probably i'will make the packaging of italian version.

----the system architecture---

I' think that this type of package is system indipendent

---the license----

I have read and re-read the licence of the global LDP project.
You can find it at:

http://sunsite.unc.edu/LDP/LDP-COPYRIGHT.html (is too big to post)

I think that is compatible with the debian policy but, please give
me a confirmation

Bee free to send any question directly by e-mail

Best regards

Andrea Fanfani

Andrea Fanfani

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