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Re: Draft new DFSG

On Fri, Nov 27, 1998 at 08:49:55 -0800, Joseph Carter wrote:
> I believe the suggested changes to (which is not changes but a complete
> replacement) DFSG is a dud, completely.  I believe trying to adopt it will
> hurt and quite probably destroy Debian.

Right now, I think the best way to see Ian's proposal is as a discussion

When I met Ian at Cologne, he wore a T-shirt with the text "Assume nothing".
To me, this defines the best way to study DFSG2 draft: as an (apparently
successful) attempt to let us doubt our axioms.

>  Here's why:

[valid points]

> * It depreciates the BSD advertising clause.  Yes that is annoying, but look
>   at what uses it!

I think the proper way to handle this is by having a simple list of
exceptions, with a motiviation of why we have them in the DFSG, and a
pointer as to why we prefer licenses that don't trigger them.

[More valid points against clauses the adoption of which would make us more
catholic than the pope]

> I will have to vote _NO_ on this provided it ever gets that far.

AOL on that.

PATRIOTISM  A great British writer once said that if he had to choose 
between betraying his country and betraying a friend he hoped he would
have the decency to betray his country.                                      
- The Hipcrime Vocab by Chad C. Mulligan 

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