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Re: libc6 problem (__register_frame_info)

On Friday 27 November 1998, at 2 h 7, the keyboard of Mitch Blevins 
<mblevin@debian.org> wrote:

> Can someone please explain to me exactly what the libc6 problem is?

2.0.7u-5 had a bug and every package compiled against it (there are several in 
slink) fail when run on hamm, another glibc Linux or 2.0.7u-6. Now that 
2.0.7u-6 (which fixes the bug) is in the master (it stayed in Incoming for one 
week, which was a good time for tests), this will happen often.

> I've got three packages (zircon, plan, jed) that can neither
> be configured or removed from my system using dpkg/apt/dselect.
> because of a __register_frame_info error.

Either you wait for the updated packages (but it will be hard to reinstall without apt or dselect...) or you recompile the source packages (you'll need to be root, "fakeroot" is one of the victims). Here is my list (YMMV) of problematic packages. Should I file a bug for them?


apt compiles fine (you need xpm-dev):

fakeroot make -i -f debian/rules binary-arch

(-i because apt needs jade with is broken)

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