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Re: Draft new DFSG

>>"Andreas" == Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de> writes:

 Andreas> a standart is created, if people agree to do things the same
 Andreas> way. 


 Andreas> please consider doing things like www.open-source.org, and

	It would have been nice if we could have done that. Very
 nice. Unfortunately, I don't trust the current standard bearers of
 the OSI to entrust the core of the distribution to them. I think
 their judgement is flawed.

 Andreas> drop the dfsg.  even if its better, i do not consier it
 Andreas> important enough to have two differnt ideas of free software
 Andreas> or open source software.

	You have got to be kidding. This is not important enough? I
 consider this to be the core of the distribution, this, and the
 social contract, define wht we stand for. This is probably the most
 important defining document for the project.

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